Community Living a Practical Way to Begin

community living

Community Living a Practical Way to Begin
Community livings centers would be a great way for America to move toward ending homelessness and provide a new way of living in America. There is a practical way to begin that will benefit United States Veterans.

Don Weiss hopes to create the first community living center in One Seneca Tower, Buffalo, New York. The Tower is a 40-story, post-war, vacant building. The idea is to use that building to house residents.

The living center can be renovated with mostly small units of about 350 square feet. Residents, or, members, would share the cooking, cleaning, child care, and the operation of that building. Members would be chosen, who could work in the community living centers, or would work for profit-oriented businesses, such as light manufacturing, farming (indoor also), cottage industries, etc.

These community living centers would be built in other vacant Buffalo buildings and/or in the decimated, East Buffalo area. The centers would be paid for by corporations, as they would be bringing jobs back to America, also the wealthy philanthropists, as a way to give back, and create a further legacy for themselves.

Done is hopeful that Walmart and The Walton Family Foundation will sponsor the One Seneca Tower Project. Community living centers could also be used as modified nursing homes, senior living centers, as well as a place for the high schoolers to perform service learning projects and community service.

By Don Weiss

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