Donald Trump and His Sexual Vietnam



This writer saw a tape today of “the Donald” from several years ago, comparing his personal sexual exploits to the War in Vietnam. He was being interviewed by Howard Stern and explained that “it’s a dangerous society out there,” referring to sexually transmitted diseases.

He felt like it was “his own personal Vietnam” due to the level of his sexual activities. For someone now running for United States President to say that seems to be very disrespectful of Veterans and what the men at the time were going through after serving in the Vietnam War.

While people have all said and done things in their past they regret, Trump is very quick to question other people’s religious beliefs and integrity. He says he is a Christian, yet many of his sexual exploits were committed while married, something the Bible clearly states is not right. There seem to be two sets of rules–one for Trump and one for the rest of the world.

The good people of the U.S. must look closely at what he is doing, as well as what he is saying about his own values. The Bible says, “you will know them (true believers) by their fruit.” Trump has slammed Ted Cruz for holding up a Bible before telling a lie. The same rules apply to him.

By Kathy Remak

Image Courtesy of Boss Tweed’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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