Democrat Governor Jay Inslee Announces 2020 Presidential Bid

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Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced his 2020 Democratic presidential candidacy on Jan. 2, 2019. He is touting himself as the “Climate Candidate.”

If Donald Trump is a candidate in the upcoming campaign season, Inslee looks forward to having a conversation with the president. He states there are two things a candidate needs to beat Trump.

First, the ability to demonstrate the dignity essential for the job of Commander and Chief and the ability to reunite America. Second, show the nation how to rise to their “better angels” instead of its “lower behavior.” Moreover, one must reveal “strength of character and a core conviction that you’re not going to be pushed around or bullied, and you’ve had it with his lower human behavior,” according to Rolling Stone.

Based on Inslee’s track record, he appears to be an excellent prospect for the job with experience in his state and as a Congressman. He is innovative in his approach to problem-solving.

Combating Climate Change

The Inslee administration’s climate change focus surrounds “combating promoting clean air and water and supporting clean energy jobs.”

Successful Education Project Encompasses Early Learning Through Career Training

Washington state’s overall educational ranking is 6th in the country, they are 3rd for higher education and 26th for the PreK-12 program.

Data-Driven and Transparent State Government

Data-driven and transparent state government are the keywords which describe the Governor’s method of running his state. He does this in several ways.

  • First, he launched a nationally recognized data-driven project entitled Results Washington. Upon review of the link, readers will find a plethora of documents included under four subjects, current work, successes, resources, and related news.
  • Second, he made the choice to refrain from using executive power to withhold records from the public.
  • Third, he implemented “continuous improvement and Lean management systems throughout state government that are saving money and time for agencies, the people and businesses they serve, as well as helping improve state employees’ job satisfaction, ” according to the State of Washington website.

The “Lean Way” is comprised of five principles to create more value with fewer resources: No. 1, identify or define the value of an idea; No. 2, map its value stream; No. 3, create the flow of the project; No. 4, establish its pull; and No. 5, seek perfection. In this way, Inslee’s administration empowers its workforce, pulls them into the success of a project, and gives them ownership of the outcome.

Inslee has an impressive political background: Governor of Washington since 2013; Washington House of Representative for District 1, 1989-93; and the U.S. House of Representative for Washington District 4,  1993-1995 and 1999-2012. He served under the Clinton administration as the regional director for the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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