Donald Trump Punishes Al-Assad for Gassing Over 40 Syrians



The United States and two European allies launched an airstrike against the Middle Eastern nation of Syria on Friday, April 13, 2018. The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump wanted to punish Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad for fatally gassing more than 40 Syrians near Damascus a week earlier, and led to the death of dozens more, on Sunday, April 8.

This was a joint venture by the U.S., the U.K., and France. Trump blamed the chemical attacks on Assad, who he called a monster instead of a man. Trump issued the televised statement from the White House during the night.

President Trump said that the allied U.S. and European air strikes were aimed to discourage the spread and use of chemical weapons. The weapons used were a significant threat to the national security interest of the U.S.

The President stated that the U.S. is prepared to continue using this action toward Syria’s chemical torture. His administration will stop the air attacks once the Islamic fascist regime stops using the fatal chemical elements that he prohibits.

However, Iran and Russia support Assad in Syria. The New York Times reported that the airstrikes raise the possibility of confrontation with the two major authoritarian states. They have a very large military presence in Syria.

Damascus is the capital of the Syrian Republic. It is surrounded by hills and military facilities. The military bases were the first targets hit by the missiles.

The Syrian government-controlled state television reported that their air defense system was responding to American aggression. They aired video images of missiles being fired in a dark sky at night.

The New York Times reported that it is not stated by the Syrian state television network if their military hit any targets. The Syrian air force shot down 13 missiles in Al-Kiswa, which is south of Damascus

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that military bases and a scientific research center were hit. They were near Damascus. The Republican Guard and the Syrian Army’s 4th Division were two of the bases that were also hit.

The president said, from the White House, that he ordered the armed forces to launch direct air strikes at targets in Syria. The targets were in connection with Trump punishing Assad because he gassed over 40 Syrians.

The leader of the free world stated that the U.S. is ready to maintain an action to restrict the Syrian dictator until he no longer victimizes his citizens with chemical weapons.

President Trump said that his administration is ready to continue this reaction toward Assad. He will not stop until the Mid-Eastern dictator stops using the chemical agents that are prohibited.

James Mattis, who is the secretary of defense, illustrated that the attacks by way of the air were targeting vital structures. The buildings were significant parts of the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons program.

The executive office stated that Russia’s irresponsible actions were how Syria was able to conduct such a vile deed. The Russian Federation has said that they will form a counterattack if the U.S. attacks their allied nation.

In 2014, John Kerry declared that Russia had aided the Syrians to clear out all of their chemical weapons from the country. Kerry was former President Barack Hussein Obama’s Secretary of State.

On Wednesday, April 12 the president Tweeted that missiles were on their way to Syria. The missiles were state of the art, sweet, and intelligent, as the president punished Assad for gassing over 40 Syrians.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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