Netflix ‘Lost in Space’ 2018 Reboots “Danger Will Robinson” [Video] [Spoiler Alert]

lost in space

lost in space

“Lost in Space,” reboot from Netflix is a thrill ride, replete with a family of five, a scheming “doctor,” and an alien. The youngest family member befriends the strange-looking alien/robot, who then becomes the youngster’s protector.

“Danger, Will Robinson,” is the warning heard from the extremely tall being.

The between 2018 and 1960s program begins with filming magic and improved technological ability. But it does not end there. In the Netflix reboot, there are more cast members.

In the original, Dr. Zachary Smith stowed away on the Robinsons’ ship and caused them to lose their way. The family, its trusted robot, the ship’s pilot, Don West, and the doctor spend the next three years “Lost in Space.”

lost in spaceWhereas, their modern counterparts were traveling with other families on the Resolute, a large vessel, to establish an off-Earth colony. When the ship was attacked by an alien monster, the families were dispatched from the ship in their pods.

Toby Stephens, as John Robinson; his wife, Maureen, portrayed by Molly Parker; their daughters, Judy and Penny, played by Taylor Russell and Mina Sundwall, respectively; and their 11-year-old brother, Will who is portrayed by Maxwell Jenkens, crash land on an unknown planet.

Throughout the first season, the family finds themselves in life-threatening situations. In Episode 1, when all seems lost, Will points out something he believes will help. He and his father trek to locate it and become separated. During this time, Will encounters an alien.

Soon, the Robinsons find they are not the only survivors of the Resolute. The first person they came upon was a woman impersonating Dr. Smith, played by Parker Posey. It is not long before they encounter several families from the Resolute.

Unfortunately, the planet they are on is dying and the Resolute does not hear the castaways radio pleas for help. In one episode they discover why they cannot communicate with the ship.

The Robinson family is a multi-talented group with diverse backgrounds who work well together and with others. One might call them a highly functional unit. Even though the kids seem like they are saints, they are not. However, they are quite creative with reasons for disobeying their parents.

Netflix released the 10-episode Season 1 on April 13, 2018. “Lost in Space,” is filmed in Vancouver and other locations in Canada. The scenery transformations reflect the changing seasons in the northern countryside. Filming took place between mid-January and July 2017.

These locations, as well as the changes in seasons, are a perfect backdrop for the complicated yet interesting storyline. Rumors indicate Netflix will be releasing Season 2 of “Lost in Space” sometime in the near future.

By Cathy Milne


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