EEDB Releases ‘Isolation’ a Comment to the Human Condition During the COVID-19 Pandemic [Video Strong Language]

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On June 22, 2020, Stevie Eagle E and Doc B (EEDB), the production and artist hit-making duo comprised pf Stephen F. Ellis and Peter Herbert Bielig, will release their new single, “Isolation.”

The video for “Isolation” was released on June 14 on YouTube and other social media sites. The song strongly suggests that isolation is counterproductive to the human condition and not the best way to fight COVID-19. Additionally, the price os isolation is too high in fighting any virus that is essence cannot be cured.

“Isolation” is written and produced by Stevie Eagle E and Peter Doc B. The song is a compelling R&B soul with Trap expression of pain and angst caused by isolation.

Be warned, this track does contain some expressive and strong lyrics that may not be for everyone.  There are not copious amounts of cursing in the track, but it has one or two strong expressions of pain that are relevant and poignant.

Those who listen to this song will not be able to help but sing along.  The lyrics are powerful, the message is in your face: Isolation is not good for the human condition.

The video takes the song to another level as it is peppered with quotes that debunk the idea of isolation from famous scholars, celebrities, and writers as well as quotes from news sources.  The video also suggests that isolation has a greater effect on the black population causing more poverty, pain, and mental anguish.

In a simple statement Stevie Eagle E said:

I have nothing to really say about the track Isolation as the lyrics, video speak for themselves.  If anyone wants to know what we feel, that is me and Doc B, they need to listen to the song or watch the video. It’s all there.

You can pre-order “Isolation” on Spotify or wait until June 22, to start streaming this powerful and compelling song.

This is the first song of its type thus far.  Most songs dealing with COVID-19 or isolation tend to take a slightly different stance or vibe toward the whole thing. EEDB went right to the bones of isolation and there are no fun and games here. It is real, raw, and heartfelt. It may well have its detractors in its message, but it puts up a compelling argument and question that Eagle E feels that all need to consider. Is isolation for everyone the best way to deal with things like coronavirus?

By Jeanette Vietti


Stevie Eagle E

Image Courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd. – Used With Permission


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