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On June 10, 2020, Robert De Niro appeared on the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” While on the show he discussed a very sensitive topic, white privilege. De Niro also spoke about his six biracial children and white privilege.

What Did De Niro Say About the Situation?

The star said, “My children are all half black and I don’t have, even me, I take certain things for granted.” For decades, black and brown skin Americans have been struggling to become equal to “the white man.” De Niro continues to talk about how white people do not have to have special talks with their children. Special talks like:

  • Keeping hands visible when stopped by cops;
  • If in a vehicle, make sure their “hands on the steering wheel”;
  • Make slow movements.

What Type of Discrimination Been Endured?

For years people with skin of color have had to deal with stereotypical idealistic ideas by people with white skin. At times when people of black or brown skin entered a store, it is typical for the clerk to pay special attention to them. Meaning they are watched like hawks to ensure they do not steal or commit a crime.

De Niro added, “That’s scary,” and calls for a “change.” The actor then proceeded to speak out against police brutality and the protesting that has arisen from the unjust killing of George Floyd. Floyd was killed in May when police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for over eight minutes.

People of Authority Should Be Held Accountable

The actor is disgusted by the actions the officer’s choice to take on that fateful day. He believes that a person “who hurts another person” should not have a job with authority. The actor and activist emphasized the fact that things need to change in America. This is an obvious need for change, Floyd’s death is just one of the senseless acts perpetrated by a police officer.

Protesting is perfectly understandable against the obvious injustice that has been done on a daily basis all across the United States. The time for change is now and the people are speaking. The case against the officers involved in the murder of Floyd waits for their trails to begin. Meanwhile, Floyd’s family, friends, and all the protesters wait for justice to be served.

By Sheena Robertson


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