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Hurricane Ian Is Disastrous and Traumatizing to Floridians

Courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife

Hurricane Ian has been circling the news ever since the beginning of last week, and was a very disastrous storm. Many Floridians are having a lot of trouble taking shelter from a storm of this magnitude. This hurricane has evolved in a category almost every day, because of how it was evolving and turning into a much stronger storm over the past couple of days. Currently, the Carolinas are undergoing this hurricane, and it is slowly moving upward.

The amount of deaths is slowly rising, as USA Today puts it, the death toll being at 27, as Ian continues to make its way into the Virginias. Many houses are being destroyed, and many more will continue to be destroyed as Ian is not finished quite yet.

Many Floridians, now that Ian has passed by them after hitting them most likely the hardest, USA Today mentions, that many officials are still conducting rescue efforts, to see if there are any more Floridians that are in need of assistance, especially after a storm of this type (USA Today). It is very plausible that there are still Floridians that are in need of assistance, since there is a lot of debris, and there could potentially be a lot of Floridians that are still trapped inside of their homes and of the sort.

Furthermore, there is a power issue that is occurring in Florida and now the Carolinas. Despite the Hurricane being gone from Florida, there are still many areas where there is no power. According to USA Today, there were 2.1 million people that lost power, and about 2/3 of those people have received power back. There are many people that are working to get power to the remaining homes, but after a hurricane of this magnitude, this can be very difficult to accomplish. There are still many people that are trying to process what had happened, and many other families mourning the deaths of their loved ones.

This may also be the worst hurricane that we have seen. According to Axios, President Biden said himself, that this Hurricane is the worst they have seen in its entire history. Many others agree with this statement, as there may be more deaths that are recorded because of this hurricane.

Hurricane Ian’s devastation is not finished yet. Ian made landfall in South Carolina before dissipating into a harmless storm, while the amount of deaths in Florida continues to increase. This will present another wave of trauma, and there will be more deaths recorded.

Despite all of these bad outcomes continuing to occur, there is a positive light to this story. NBC states, there have been around 325 people that have been rescued, along with 83 pets, from the devastation that Ian caused. There is a form of durability that not only Floridians are showing, but the Carolinas and above. Despite many things being taken from them, there are many people that are offering their services to others that are in need of those services.

Hurricane Ian has been a traumatic experience for many people in Florida and the states above, and as rescue efforts continue in Florida, and they continue to pick up the pieces of the storm, Ian continues to make its way upward to hit other states. There is this nationwide hope that this storm can end and that the amount of casualties does not increase anymore.

Written by David Loran Jr


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife Flickr Page (Creative Commons License)

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