Sports Is Important to Society, What Would Happen if It Did Not Exist?

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If sports did not exist, there would surely be many changes that would be taking place, especially since there is a grand percentage of people that are fans. People are always speaking about sports, watching sports, or even dreaming about sports, but how would all of these things change if they did not exist?

There would be many people that would not have the confidence that they have today. According to Dexter Rogers from Bleacher Report, sports help build confidence, form you into the person you are today, and are a huge feature of development from youth to adulthood. A lot of people in the world can say the same, that without it, their self-confidence would surely decrease, and so would their development. Sports gives people the chance to demonstrate their talent, and it also brings the community together to elevate each other’s confidence levels, and is also a great way to build good sportsmanship with those who surround you.

Many can agree that it can serve as an outlet to look forward to every day. Rogers, it can serve as an escape from the daily routine of life and can provide a positive light in times of sadness, such as the 9/11 attacks. It was a really big factor, especially after the 9/11 attacks. The entire nation was looking forward to it since it was a way for everyone to come together in unity despite what had happened. The way that every sport had shown their respect for 9/11 was also a great gesture. Everyone also has a hard time with work and school at most times, and many people need an escape from this daily routine. Sports provide this escape for many people, that way they have something to look forward to every single day, despite their day is very difficult.

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Everyone has a certain goal that they want to reach in their life. Rogers says it can provide a great source of motivation to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves while looking to models from a different sport and to their success, giving us that motivation to want to reach that level. Many people need motivation to achieve their goals, and goals do vary. There are many people that have goals to have a certain body physique. Others have a goal to reach the MLB or the NFL. Everyone has a different and unique goal that they set for themselves, and it can help us attain those goals.

This also raises the question, of how would professional athletes themselves be if their sport never existed. The Fordham Ram mentions, many athletes, such as Lebron James, Steph Curry, and Trae Young, would have to find a different source of income, and losing what they loved, makes them have to find something else that they can do, that they love as much as basketball. This goes to show that it can have a really huge impact, not only on those that watch the fans, but also those that play that we know and love right now. They would be forced to do something else that they may not even enjoy, as a result of it not existing.

In reality, everyone had a short taste of this when the COVID Pandemic was at its peak. There were many sports that had to be paused since the pandemic was too risky and too strong at the time. Many people had to go for a long while without watching what they loved to watch, and many athletes had to wait a certain period of time before they could return to doing what they loved.

Therefore, sports are an important and huge asset in this world, and without them, who knows how the world would react?

Written by David Loran Jr


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