Illinois State Reps. Call for Stephen Douglas’ Statue Removal

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Illinois State Reps.,Tarver, Robinson Jr, and Buckner call for racist former U.S. Senators statue removal. They have chosen to just call for the statue to be removed and not to tomb where Douglas’ body rests.

Stephen Douglass was a Democratic senator in the 1850s. During that time he was one of the most known supporters of slavery. He benefitted largely at the destruction of black people during that time.

Chicago’s South Side Representatives say they have no problem with his Douglas’ grave but they want their request approved by the Governor.

The statue was built in the Bronzeville neighborhood decades ago and now the democrat lawmakers feel that it is time for the 9-foot statue to be taken down.

Tarver, Robinson Jr, and Buckner wrote a letter to the Governor on Tuesday for the bronze statue of Stephen Douglas removal from the Black Community.

Furthermore, Chicago’s Lawmakers wrote the governor and mayor to dismiss the statues tourist site in the district.

The Illinois Representatives made a statement on the statue. It was called, “an edifice dedicated to allowing a bigot even in his grave to look down upon the Black community.”

Buckner and he states that there are Black people who live in his district are outraged that someone like Stephen Douglass still are allowed to have a statue in that area.

Written By Tre’vell Hill

Edited by Sheena Robertson


WGN-TV: Lawmakers demand removal of Douglas statue in Bronzeville

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