John Legend: The Former Serial Cheater

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According to an interview on the podcast “Armchair Expert” with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, John Legend revealed he is a former serial cheater. He stated, “I was younger than everyone else in high school and college and so I just didn’t get a lot of girls”(Desk). He goes on to explain that meeting his wife, Chrissy Teigen, was somewhat of a wake-up call for him. Legend also mentioned, “At a certain point you just realize you’re happier being honest”(Desk).

This is something that most people do not realize about cheating. Though sympathy should not be given to cheaters. It is worth noting that cheating takes a lot of energy. Constantly having to lie and hide from one’s partner can take a toll. Overall, however, to avoid this toll, all one has to do is simply not cheat.

Though the award-winning singer has completely owned up to the skeletons in his closet, news sources are crediting this to his wife. Rather than the singer, himself. This can be extremely harmful as it reinforces the idea that women are responsible for men’s mistakes. However, the Grammy-winning singer does not credit his wife for him becoming faithful, but rather the stress that comes with cheating.

Moreover, He stated that becoming faithful is “so much easier” and that “your whole life becomes lighter”. Legend admits the attention was the root of his behavior.

By taking responsibility, he stops the standard of blaming women for cheating. During his interview, Legend also mentioned that Teigen’s fanbase also has a large impact. Teigen has over 12 million twitter followers, Legend describes cheating on his wife as a “Career suicide”. I’m sure Legend is not crediting his faithfulness to avoid ending his career. However, he does make a very good point.

If the singer was to cheat on Teigen. His career would suffer tremendously. According to PageSix, “Chrissy has 12 million Twitter followers”(Bennett). He credits this to help him be on his best behavior.

It is worth noting that by admitting fault, the singer is denouncing societal standards. When it comes to cheating, previous partners are often deemed inferior. Especially when the partner is a woman. Women are told their partner cheated because they weren’t good enough. Sometimes women are told their behavior dictates their partners’. To this day this standard is upheld. It is refreshing to see the singer do something outside of the societal norm.

Unfortunate, but this is the reality of the world. It is no one’s fault when their partner cheats, except the partners’.

Legend also mentioned that when he and Teigen started dating both of them were involved with other people. He admits that in the beginning, their relationship was a bit loose. Over time, however, they decided to date officially, and eventually got married.

The point is Legend should be a model for former cheaters. He took responsibility, found the root of his problem, and made a decision. To be fair by doing all of this, does not make his actions less atrocious. It simply makes him more human. If one is going to make mistakes, it is important to take ownership of their actions.

But if possible, which it usually is, just don’t cheat at all. That is the best way to avoid a situation like this.

Written by Reginae Echols

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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