James Monegan’s Bio

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Hello everyone, my name is James, I attend Ombudsman High School’s west campus as a junior. I’m from the Southside of Chicago but spent the majority of my life here out west in North Lawndale and the East Garfield Park area. Growing up, I watched my mom’s upbringing, which influenced me into wanting to be heard and have a voice.

With me having a love for music and this urge to just be heard, I followed the path of music. A huge percentage of the world loves music, whether it’s for the instruments, lyrics, or just the sound in general. Music can be very attractive and intriguing, which is a great way to reach people.

Furthermore, I saw music as a way to not only be heard but to be able to express myself in a way that I would love, and the people who could relate to me, love. I use my music to advocate for the youth and our environment, whether that’s substance abuse, misconduct, lack of remodels and father figures, or just plain out rebellious behavior due to the lack of stability in our community and households. Thank you all for taking the time to learn about me, and by the way, I’m an intern at The News School.

By James Monegan


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