Randall P. Buford Bio

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My name is Randall Buford and I am hoping to improve and work upon my skill of writing and reading while working for the news school, while hopefully I will be able to learn how to become a journalist during my stay with the news school.

While working with the news school was at first just to have a job over the summer the more I learned about the news school the more I want to work there at least as an intern so that when I am done interning with The News School, I will have learned how to help my community.

While also learning skills I would be able to take that with me into other opportunities in life, in my free time like to express myself through creative means such as drawing, writing, but when I’m not doing any of that i like to read, and by the way I am an intern at The News School.

By Randall P. Buford


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