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Kelianexis Rodriguez
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Kelianexis Rodriguez
My name is Kelianexis Rodriguez Ramos and I am currently a full-time student. Born in Puerto Rico and came to the United States when I was six years old. This allowed me to learn my second language — English.

Additionally, I joined this program to have my first job and have a new learning experience. I believe journalism can help me develop my writing skills and can help my writing essays. I can take this amazing learning experience to anything I decide to do if I decide to go to college or university.

Social media can help me create my business if I do decide to become a cosmetologist and it can help me promote myself. Lastly, I think this program can help me get better at my communication skills and help me grow more as a young adult. This was a great opportunity for me and it sounded interesting.

By Kelianexis Rodriguez


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