Trevontae Robinson’s Bio

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Hello, my name is Trevontae Robinson and I’m 16 years old. I’m a student at Collins Academy High School. My hobbies include Basketball — playing the game — and video games. I like to play “Nba2k23,” “Madden23,” and “Call of Duty,” and above all, just living my life.

I’m from the North Lawndale area, born and raised. I like to play basketball to get away from the danger in my neighborhood and the killings.

I play the game because I just like to play it’s a fun activity to do instead of being on the streets (It’s better than being on the streets so I will play the game as long as possible and then have a chance of dying in the streets.  My favorite subject in school is math, and Spanish. I like math because of the challenge and Spanish because I just like trying new things.

Three words that can describe me are funny, outspoken, and courageous.

Written By Trevontae Robinson


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