Michigan Declared a State of Emergency [Update]

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MichiganAn order declaring Michigan a state of emergency was signed Monday, Jan. 28, 2019, by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. According to a release, she announced the signing of the executive order following a freezing temperature forecast.

Governor Whitmer said, during this stretch, dangerous temperatures are ahead and keeping Michiganders safe is our priority. It’s been many years since such extreme conditions have occurred in Michigan, it is now imperative that we remain proactive during these record low temperatures in which the national weather service has predicted.

In many places, wind chills are predicted to be as low as 50 degrees below zero, cities like Detroit are not accustomed to these temperatures. The state of emergency Operation Center, located in Dimondale, has been activated by Governor Whitmer. Homeland Security division, Emergency Management, and the Michigan State Police oversees the center.

A duel public information center is quickly activated and established once the state of emergency center is involved. The Public Information Center (JIC) will handle all official news or news conferences surrounding the state dealing with the emergency.

There are different levels to the state’s response which based upon the magnitude and the scope of the incident, are identified by the use of four state activation levels.

Level I is Full Activation with Federal Support, level II is Full State Activation,

Level III Partial Activation and  then there is Level IV Monitoring– Continuous Monitoring

Understanding where to go and what to do is the biggest need during these crises times, and according to Ready.Gov, it is recommended to stay inside if there is not an emergency need to travel.

Storm Leaves Death and Destruction

Wood TV reported on Wednesday that Ada Selna a 90-year-old Michigan woman was found dead on her steps after freezing to death, Her body was found covered in the snow.

Springfield news reported that the estimated weather-related deaths were as high as 27 but Illinois alone reported over 220 treated cases of hyperthermia and frostbite in local hospitals.

There where also reports of universities and school closers across the midwest as well as the U.S postal service in parts of the state was suspended due to the storm.

Written by Leon Murray
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware

ClickOnDetroit: Michigan Gov. Whitmer declares State of Emergency ahead of extremely cold temperatures

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