Wood Village Residents Prepare for Snow Leaving Grocery Shelves Empty

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snowResidents flocked to the Walmart Super Store in Wood Village on Feb. 8, 2019, to stock up for at least a week’s worth of groceries. The crowds were greater than a normal Friday. By 9 p.m. PT, the store’s grocery department reflected the locals’ concerns. They depleted the shelves leaving very few choices for late arriving customers.

The National Weather Service issued storm warnings for the Northwestern United States on Friday morning, after a week of notices about the possibility of snow. The reports indicated the region was in for multiple inches beginning that evening. Depending on the location anywhere from 1 to 8 inches was predicted.

snowConversations among shoppers included warnings of power outages and being snowed in for several days. They were trying to decide what would be edible should there be no electricity. Decisions were made about how much water was needed.

Many were sharing photos of the empty shelves and marveling about the lack of choices. The only eggs available were a few dozen packages of high-priced range free-eggs and egg substitute. The cooler offered a few gallons of milk and coffee creamers. There were no onions or potatoes in the produce bins.

snowThe snow started to fall in the Wood Village/Fairview area at about 7 p.m. Large, fluffy flakes floated to the already frozen ground. Overnight, 5-7 inches fell leaving a blanket of snow. But to the south, Portlandlandiers woke to a dusting or no snow at all. In Tualatin, residents reported hail and rain.

With the sun dominating the skies, stocking up on food and water seemed to be a wasted effort. However, KGW chief meteorologist Matt Zaffino reported the low temperatures would produce icy roads Saturday night and another storm will drop snow in Southern Washington and Northern Oregon on Sunday. The National Weather Service reports residents can expect amounts from a trace to two inches.

Warnings for icy conditions continue through Sunday night, February 10. The upcoming week forecasts indicate cold sunny days with rain possible on Tuesday and Wednesday. Valentine’s Day could be 41 and sunny but the temp drops and rain mixed with snow will fall.

More snow is predicted to blanket the region at times throughout the next two weeks. Storms are expected to move south from Canada. Perhaps, the last minute shopping was not a waste of time, since it is winter and the weather is somewhat unpredictable.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Images Courtesy of Cathy Milne-Ware


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