Quibi: 1.75 Billion Dollar Company Failing?

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Quibi is an online video streaming platform like Netflix or Hulu. The difference is Quibi’s original ten-minute shows, in an attempt to get people to enjoy bite-sized television shows. It seems as though many have supported this idea. In fact, Quibi raised over 1.75 billion dollars in total. The app was released on April 6th with expectations of overwhelming support. Though, this wasn’t exactly the case. In fact, by July only 1.5 million people signed up for the app.

Why Isn’t Quibi Getting the Support Predicted?

There are many things people look at when deciding whether or not they should purchase something. Price, functionality, practicality, and how often they can use the thing are all important factors in deciding whether a product is worth the money. The monthly subscription costs $4.99 a month with the occasional ad on the shows, or $7.99 without. This is somewhat of a competitive price with a subscription to Disney+ costing $6.99 a month.

The app is advertised to people who have little time in their day. The shortened length of their shows is made to appeal to the busiest of people. This is where the practicality of the service becomes an issue. Those who do not have time to watch a tv show most likely will not be able to watch a ten-minute version either. While those who have the time to watch a television show opt to watch a full-length one over a shortened one. Therefore the app misses its mark with the demographic it advertises to.

Another reason the app may receive less support is due to its originality. All of the shows are original concepts that have never been made before. If a consumer is unsure that they will like the content provided, it discourages them from paying for it. Ten-minute tv shows have never been done before. A half an hour has been the golden length for television for a very long time. The plots may feel rushed due to the amount that must be accomplished in such a short window. On the other hand, the plots may feel shallow due to the limited amount of time. Whatever it may be, it is certain that the kinks have yet to be worked out.

What Can Quibi Do?

No matter what the issue may be it is essential that Quibi gain viewership to remain in business. A strategy they could employ is to allow for a free subscription with limited content and advertisements. This allows consumers to try the service without paying for a month or committing to a free 14-day trial. This way more consumers would actively view the content which would attract more sponsorships and advertisements. Additionally, if the consumers enjoy the limited content they could access, they would be more inclined to purchase full access. Although we can be sure this service is not going anywhere anytime soon, it is vital for its survival that action is taken soon, because without viewership there is no purpose to a streaming service.

Written By Joseph Nelson

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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