Super Bowl LVII Recap

Super Bowl
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Super Bowl
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First Half Recap

The Super Bowl is officially over, and it was one to remember. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs met and displayed why they are the two best teams in the NFL. The Chiefs started the game very slowly, which is unusual for them. They only put up 14 points in the half connecting once to Travis Kelce for a touchdown. Jalen Hurts also happened to fumble, and Nick Bolton scooped it up and ran it back 36 yards for the touchdown. Mahomes also happened to reaggravate his ankle injury right before halftime. Jalen Hurts and the Eagles came out blazing from the beginning. Hurts threw for 183 yards in the first half and scored three touchdowns. The Eagles held the ball for 73% of the first half, with the game entirely in their control. The score was 24-14 going into halftime in the Eagles’ favor. 

Super Bowl
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Second Half Recap

The second half of the game was different from the first. The Kansas City Chiefs came out with energy and flipped the game with their offense. Patrick Mahomes came out as if he had no problems with his ankle throwing 13 for 14 for 93 passing yards and two touchdowns. To add to this fantastic performance, he also ran for 26 yards during the game’s last three minutes, which led to the game-winning field goal. Jalen Hurts did not slow down as he scored another rushing touchdown while adding 121 passing yards. His defense on the other hand did not execute as well in the second half. They allowed 24 points in the second half, while in the first only allowed seven. The final score was 38-35. 

History Behind Super Bowl LVII

Despite the game, there was still a lot of history behind this game. This super bowl had over 113 million viewers making it the most-viewed super bowl in the past six years. This is the first super bowl ever to feature two starting black quarterbacks, and one broke a record. Patrick Mahomes is officially the only black quarterback to win more than one Super Bowl. Black History Month is off to a great start with all these black accomplishments, and hopefully, they keep coming.

The Eagles are still a very young team who can be great for the foreseeable future. Their offensive core with Hurts, Smith, Born, and Watkins can last for a while in this league. The Eagles have recently lost both their offensive and defensive coaches due to them being offered head coaching jobs. The world wonders how this will affect this team due to most of their success coming behind their coaching. Jalen Hurts is only in his third season and already making it to the Super Bowl which means that the NFL may be in for a crazy journey.

By: Willie Hurt


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