Vanessa Villa Bio



Courtesy of Vanessa Villa

This is Vanessa Villa Bio. She was born on July 13, 2005. Villa is the third child out of four, she has been working since the age of 14. Downside they did drop out of school at 15. Well, this decision backfired, not even having finished her sophomore year.

An older sibling was told about what this program offers. They present the job offer along with the option of being able to return to school. Vanessa took the opportunity hopefully this will be a good step to getting their life on track. Returning to school has been hard, with no motivation and it looks like an unclaimable mountain from the bottom.

This would encourage them to learn more based skills and gain more knowledge. They hope to actually get back on track with their education as well as gain social skills in the process. This is a good opportunity as well to pay more attention to the great problems in our community bring awareness and help those who need it.

written by Vanessa Villa

Image courtesy of Vanessa Villa


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