The Air Quality of Chicago Is the Worst to Date

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The Air Quality of Chicago
Courtesy of Luke Coughlan (Flickr CC0)

The Quality of Chicago’s Air

Chicago’s air quality has reportedly dropped so low that it is now one of the worst in the world and this is due to the Canada wildfire with the smoke coming off it drifting down into the states and, more importantly, Chicago. These Canadian wildfires that are affecting the air quality of Chicago all started because of the Canada wildfire season but the start of the wildfire was early but that is not the main reason.

It’s actually due to climate change, causing the wildfire to burn hotter and faster than usual, but that is not the main problem. The real problem is how the winds have brought over the smoke from those wildfires into areas south of Canada. These areas’ air quality dropping dramatically with the air quality index saying that it has gone to a level that is considered “very unhealthy.”

These fires drifted from up north in Canada into areas in the Midwest and northeast. Even the CDC issued a health alert to watch out for any symptoms of wildfire smoke. Some of these symptoms include headache, chest pain, coughing, sneezing, eye irritation, breathing troubles, and other such symptoms. Wildfire smoke exposure can exacerbate certain respiratory and metabolic conditions. These are asthma, COPD, and congestive heart failure, the CDC says.

The CDC recommends you stay indoors and encourages people to wear N95 or P100 masks if they have to go outdoors during these times. With over 3,000 trees being burned in the wildfires in very much not recommended to go outdoors with no way to filter the air.

The Canadian Wildfires

With so many trees being burnt in the Canadian wildfire, there have been some asking as to how the Canadian wildfires had even started. This has quite the straightforward answer as with the increase of the world temperature due to climate change. Not only that, but also record heat and droughts cause the trees in Canada to be like kindling. But for those who are wondering what you’re to do to combat these wildfires, then you will be glad to know that you can beat back the heat right now.

The Air Quality of Chicago
Courtesy of Project LM (Flickr CC0)

First, you will want to keep your windows and doors closed. Set up a portable air cleaner and generally keep the air quality in your house up through whatever means you can. Finally, avoid using candles, gas, propane, or aerosol sprays, and don’t fry or broil meat, smoke tobacco.

But all you can do at the end of the day is just make sure to keep your house’s air is clean and wait for this to pass over.

by Randall P. Buford


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Top and featured image courtesy of Luke Coughlan‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Inset Image Courtesy of Project LM‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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