Amtrak Train Car Crash With Truck in Moorpark

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Amtrak Train Car Crash With Truck in Moorpark, has multiple people injured

Amtrak Train 14, carrying 198 passengers and 13 employees, crashed into a water tanker truck “that was in the way of the tracks.” The collision with a truck took place near West Los Angeles Avenue and Montair Drive at 11:18 a.m. in Moorpark.


About The Injured

Additionally, the truck driver exited his vehicle shortly after the collision occurred. He also wrote a statement despite the crash. Only four out of the 190 passengers were injured in the collision. The 34-year-old truck driver was hospitalized and his condition was not available.

However, 16 victims suffered minor injuries, including the truck driver, according to the Ventura County Fire Department officials.

Afterward, passengers of the carts were given snacks and water while they were in tents to protect them from the sun while they wait to be transported from the scene on a bus. Additionally, one passenger stated, “I felt a bit of shaking.” Furthermore, another passenger said “I thought we were going off the rails. Then it stopped.”

Moreover, a lot of smoke appeared in the cabins as a result of the collision stated a different passenger. Most of the passengers were able to exit the carts by themselves or with help from first responders.

information about the train and truck

Amtrak Train 14 was traveling from Los Angeles to Seattle at 11;15 a.m. (PT). At the same time, the water tanker truck was on the rails, and they got into a collision.

The Amtrak train is damaged severely, and a few of the carts are off the rails.

Part of the water truck was left in front of the train after the collision. It is reported the truck was delivering water to nearby farms, and it was trying to cross when it was hit.

Additionally, the truck was a Ventura County public works tanker truck that was transporting water to local farms.

Three of the train’s carts were off the rails and leaning at an “awkward” angle against a hillside. Moreover,  the three carts remained upright and stable.

The passenger’s families were able to call the hotline that was established by the Sheriff’s Emergency Service at  (805) 465-6650. It allowed them to verify their loved ones were okay.

By: Samuel Cruz


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