The Benefits of The News School Network

The Benefits of The News School
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The Benefits of The News School
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What the News School Provides

The News School has so many advantages to bring to its participants and the community. Such as the journalism program, which helps keep the Chicago communities informed. As well as informative journalism, The program also provides entertainment from multiple outlets. Through its magazine, newspaper, and online forum. The News School provides multiple ways to keep up with Chicago and the world.


It’s amazing that I can be a part of a local program that can generate its own news publication. Even the fact that the News School has its own physical newspaper, is great. It helps to give information to a variety of people who either prefer paper news or can’t get access to the internet.

Being an intern also gives me the opportunity and reasoning to keep updated. Not only about local news but a myriad of topics of world news. It helps people involved in the News School to be social and active with each other and informing and being informed.

By also giving opportunities for interviews and telling various stories. I find recompense from helping to give something to this opportunity.

Film making

The News SchoolThe News School, being a growing broadcasting and journalism organization, makes it well adept for other social and media pursuits. Another of The News School’s favorite benefits of mine is its film making workshop.

Personally, I truly love and appreciate all forms of film, from; short films, movies, TV shows, and even music videos.

The News School’s film program can provide the necessary knowledge for me to grow with my own pursuits in the arts. I’m currently working on a short film with a close friend of mine.

Being an amateur, I hardily try to better myself and learn as much as I can. Already meeting people who are also into film and have given me constructive criticism.

Though not only for my own pursuits, the film program gives The News School a larger platform for their own journalism.

Not only for the Chicago area but also through TV and the internet. Keeping the community up-to-date, informed, and connected.

Written by AriAnna Rathers

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