The News School Video Editing, Film Making

The News School Video Editing, Film Making
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The News School

The News School offers programs that can help people grow their skills in video editing and filmmaking. With the rise of movies produced, smaller creators come a chance to grow as filmmakers and video editors.

Film-making and video editing are just two of the many programs that The News School offers. These programs u can learn these skills and use them to get jobs with major film-making corporations.

These skills can help u become an independent creator and still make films or edit videos and make money. Additionally, the rise of social media opportunities with video editing and filmmaking has raised.

About Video Editing.

Video editing is a skill that is used more with the rise of content creators on YouTube or TikTok.

With the rise of these small creators, come jobs for video editing. The need is only gonna rise with time.

As a video editor, u can become a content creator and edit your own videos without the need to hire. Video editing is a skill that has many opportunities to make money or grow your career.

About filmmaking.The News School Video Editing, Film Making

Filmmaking is another program u can sign up for that has many good opportunities. As a filmmaker, you can become a content creator or help others with making their film or even your own.

Also, with the rise of small filmmakers, getting big job opportunities has grown. An example of this is 14 year old got hired to help with “Across the Spider-verse” because he made a Lego version of the trailer.

Additionally, it shows that a good filmmaker got hired and made a lot of money.

Without getting hired to help make movies, there are other opportunities that have grown. Especially when you make a good film.

I believe that filmmaking is a useful skill to learn with the rise of many content creators in social media.

By: Samuel Cruz


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