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McDonalds Participate in National Fry Day



Every year on July 13 there is a National Fry Day. McDonald’s and many other fast-food restaurants like Burger King and Checkers have deals going all throughout the day. McDonald’s is offering a free medium French Fry without any purchase necessary but there is a limit one per customer on their Mcdonald’s app.

McDonald’s Gives Away F

French Fries were originated in Belgium in the late 17th century. During World War 1 the American soldiers were stationed in Belgium and were introduced to the delicious French Fries for the first time ever. Fast forward to this year French Fries are eaten and enjoyed everywhere all over the world. In America, French fries are most of the time served with a tasty cheeseburger or a hot dog. In the United Kingdom French Fries are eaten with fish which is a very well known dish around the world called Fish and Chips. Canada also has its special dish called Poutines. Poutines are French fries that are covered with cheese curds and brown gravy. Basically French fries can be eaten with anything and is a very versatile food around the world. An interesting fact about French Fries is that Americans almost eat over about 30 pounds of fries per person a year. Another interesting fact about fries is that they can come in over a hundred varieties.



Written by Charles Lott

Edited by Sheena Robertson


Kron4: National French Fry Day 2020 Free fries at McDonald’s, Burger King and more

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