Roger Stone Is Freed?

Roger Stone
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Roger Stone

Roger Stone prison sentence was cut by Donald Trump. During the Russian investigation, Stone had witnessed tampering and was lying to congress. As his political adviser, motivated Trump to run for president years after years and when Trump finally agreed,  Roger helped Trump bid back in 2015.

Stone lied about the 2016 election and how he did not make contact with WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks was set up to help Trump and effect Hillary Clinton in the election. A phone call between Roger and Trump was witnessed. They were claimed to be talking about WikiLeaks and releasing hacked material by the Russians. All testified at Roger’s trial by Rick Gates, former deputy campaign manager for Trump.

Stone claimed he only heard about WikiLeaks through Randy Credico, a radio host. He also claimed to be in contact with Julian Assange and that he was just boosting. Which was all claimed to be false. Rogers’s continuous lies lead him to court where he was found guilty of making false statements to Congress. He was convicted of lying to Congress and America about the Russian attack on the campaign.

He was sentenced to 9 years but was called for three to four years due to attorney general Bill Barr. Trump was allegedly claimed to have lied to Robert Muller’s special counsel. it is considered a crime because lying to a special counsel is the same as lying to congress.

Both Trump and Stone help protected each other from jail. Trump has taken advantage of his pardon to help political allies.

Written By Jada Holloway


Mother Jones: Donald Trump Frees Roger Stone…and Pardons Himself



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